My first Pepinos are starting to ripen. Still learning exactly when to pick for the best flavour.
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  • Yes, plenty of FF here at them moment, I was watching them sting acearola cherries yesterday.

    For the loner duration of ripening, I had a very tiny piece of muslin cloth around the stem, creating a padded seal when the zip was completely done. I forgot to put this back after removing the 1st pepino, however the remaining 2 seem to have evaded FF for the final 2 weeks.

    The result is 3 out of 3 non-damaged pepinos, although I'm yet to open these last two.

  • An innovative solution Rob! Trick always is to seal around the stem. Fruit fly are tiny and determined.

  • The Green Harvest paper bags look like the go Jan, I'm keen on giving them a try.

    Natasha gave me a hosiery bra washing bag in which I trialled a singe 3 x bunch of pepinos. I will trial this on some tomatoes next. It came from Aliexpress and the price varies (atm they're 85c each with free shipping up to 4 items).

    34638482?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024The material is polyester, the zip survived much better than other zips have in the external elements.

    The third pepino was the largest and first to ripen. When present with the other 2, the 3 pepinos took up about 3/4 of the bags internal volume (stacking volume). The bag holds its form/structure quite well.

  • Thanks, Dianne. The bags are a mix of ones bought from GH, and some I have made from scrap vege nets.

    I have to say that for the Pepinos, I prefer the small paper bags I got from GH.

  • Lots of great info here, your Fruits are looking wonderful Jan. Did you make the little bags on your fruit, if so, what are they made of?

  • Fantastic! Feeling a bit silly that I bought one then. I used to eat them alot in Sth America, mini rockmelons is the best taste description. So if needs lots of watering, I'm thinking wicking pot then. Though I do like the idea of letting loose around the pawpaw! I'm hesitating putting SP there as groundcover.
  • Love them, a solanum which rewards you with an almost mellon fruit (except no though rind). Being a perineal, and with water consideration, they're a better investment than a mellon, being good for dry time management (the plant survives during a dry spell, it just doesn't fruit too much).

    I've only grown them from cuttings (Thanks Lissa), which as Dave says is ridiculously easy.

    As Jan said, keep the fruit off the ground (if you can), and the plant loves organic rich soil. Fruit Fly readily sting the fruit at an early stage (they can sting earlier than golf ball size), so bag the fruit.

    Most of my fruit has come from the plants in the IBC wicking beds. I threw some hand ripped cuttings in a different garden (soil) under the pawpaw tree (during wet times in late 2015) and these have spread (ground creeping), two metres over a year, however no fruit from these cuttings as that garden gets inconsistent watering and it would probably compete with the pawpaw.

  • I have a cutting growing happily away from Lissa but no sign of fruit yet - oh well, not taking up any "productive" space so I'll let it keep going.  Maybe after some more time I'll get some

  • I can vouch for the "juiciness": very close to being right up there with watermelon!

    The flavour... that a tough one. It's always a really tough thing to describe.

    Definite mild aroma of rockmelon and a hint of the taste. The flesh almost melts in your mouth and to me, the taste seemed to change as I ate, being lightly sweet, a bit acidic and with an occasional wave of bitterness, but not enough to be unpleasant. (I only ate the flesh; not the skin or seeds) The taste is okay, but not my favourite.

    I'm freezer testing the flesh to find out if I can use them to make some wonderfully refreshing Summer treats.

    I wish all fruits were as easy to grow and as generous as these. I also wish I enjoyed the taste of them more, but I will find a way to use them.

  • I love Pepino and have grown them in the past but unsuccessfully here.As a 'melon' they don't take up much space -- but do need the water kept up. (Thus my local failure a few years back: time to try again.)

    You can grow them so easily from cuttings -- i mean ridiculously easy -- and from seed.

    Lissa's useful overview is HERE.

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