Peaches starting early this year

Peaches starting early this year
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  • Same here. Not as many flowers though.
  • That is an unusually prolific flowering event, I'd say double the concentration of my usual fake spring stone fruit flowers. This year mine's been the opposite and had much less than I normally get.

    Dad's dwarf Palmer Mango tree is apparently filled with flowers but he's noticing the birds snacking away at it.
    I'll have to go over and put up some protection for him.

  • We had an early peach flowering, but I removed them and hope for a later bloom.  But yours, Susan, looks like its spring blossom, what is happening?

  • I've seen a number of peach trees blooming on various Facebook group pages. I have even seen some fruit set. It will be interesting to see if they progress to anything and if you will get a second bloom.

  • A couple of small fruits on my Angel Peach, but no flowers or fruit on the China Flat.

  • I'm actually in small fruit already.  My mango isn't flower though, nor the lychee.

  • Hi Cres, yeah, that’s what normally happens for me too.  But this is EXTREMELY unusual as you can see the whole tree has bud burst.  I’m not too worried as my early blossoms set fruit so I expect these will too but so strange.  My mangoes are in flower and I have buds on lychees too 

  • Mine is doing the same thing.  

  • I call it fake Spring. I get it every year in late Autumn on my peaches and nectarines.  I get excited, then realise the time of year. The flowers fall off with no fruit formation, then real Spring flowers come out in a couple of months. Maybe next year I'll try hand pollinating a few with the art brush which I keep for my pseudo bee duties and see what happens



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