Ok, what am I going to do with this much Okra?

Cut down the tall Okras this morning - too high to crop, getting aphid, blocking the light on the brassica underneath.Some of the crop will be good for seed saving but a lot is edible.Apart from Gumbo, the name of which is just repellent, is there anything else I can make with them?
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  • The last of the edible fruit went into a chicken dish last night. They go well with chicken. Leaves me with a lot of pods for seed saving. Expect them to turn up at numerous GV's.

  • The thing that got me into sausage making was the first time I ate home made goat sausage.  Mmmm...

  • LOL, its funny, Honey is a little unfortunate for a name, as Honey Glazed Goat sounds quite nice, just not Honey Glazed Honey ... http://www.jimenezfamilyfarm.com/recipes/honey%20glazed%20goat%20ro...

    Those girls are very safe, I'm a softy with Nana & Honey. One day, one may have a boy goat, and I'm still sure that this time I'll find a butcher at 6 months, as every aspect of a 6 month old buck's behaviour makes it easy to say ta-ta to them. (Last boy, we gave away to a rural produce store ... milk & grain fed!).

  • What the heck???!!!!  Eat Honey????!!!!  

    Andy checks his sick puppy list:  Rob C... right now add Lissa. 

  • The little ones were fried with our steaks last night. Big ones to go. Might use them to thicken and enrich a chicken stew.

    Feeding them to Honey is a great idea :) Think how nice it will make her taste when you get around to eating her ;)

  • The only time I ate it was fried - and it was good.  Go fry that sucker, you southern Belle!

    Rob - ya sick puppy! LOL. 

  • 34636523?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Or you can make Honey Okra

    34636538?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Apologies for those who thought there was a recipe here, (Honey's the name of the goat). BTW the Okra was a little too old for cooking.

  • Worst case, I'm sure the worms will love it.

  • Ahh Ha, upside down in the glass Lissa :)

  • These are definately different from the smaller bush varieties you and I have grown before Elaine. These are almost small trees. But...still good eating.

    I will check out the recipe right now for the fried Okra Jan. Extra crispy sounds good.

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