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Light coloured: Lauki or Bottle Gourd. AKA:Calabash or Cucuzzi.
Dark green: Serpent gourd.
I'm just beginning my Serpent Gourd/Snake Gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina ) harvest .
Wonderful texture for soups, stews, curries and stir fries so it is worth noting that Serpent Gourd has the smallest space demands of the climbing squashes/gourds in my experience and offers a delicate white flower.
Ate both tonight Filipino style in 'Ginisang Upo with Pork'.Very simple dish with great taste and texture.

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Comment by Dave Riley on February 6, 2021 at 22:08

Here is a simple umami soup with Bottle Gourd. Slides down the gullet nicely.

At left it sits ready to be eaten.

The greens are Chaya leaves and within the same pond floats a hard-boiled egg.

Coffee and cream on the side.

I suspect that once you get into gourds you may become addicted. So easy to grow and generous. Then so versatile in the kitchen.

The great home of gourdness has to be India. Just search for Lauki to find a recipe to suit your on hand ingredients.

But my irony currently is an attraction to Filipino cuisine because they do gourds and squashes so well and very simply. Indeed, once you start investigating the options, tucker and food growing in the Philippines mode is very smart and very tasty.

So here's a Ginisang Upo with Pork DIY. You can use different cuts of meat and different meats (I've used lamb, beef and chicken in recipes like this)  but the combo effect is always a winner.

This recipe may use Fish Sauce, but others suggest Oyster sauce. The trick is the subtle introduction of a few tomatoes. However, these braises will also take greens -- like any of the many spinaches -- or even a few bits of root veg like carrot or radish. Even potato. All these go well with the gourds or squashes.

Made with Choko it becomes Ginsang Sayote.

Filipinas, by the way, seem to love Moringa leaves (Dahon ng malunggay) but I've yet to be tutored in the best cooking thereof.

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