Ode to the southside.

Feel a bit embaressed ahout posting such a obvious brag, but thought I owe it to those stuggling on the northside. Went to pick some greens and came back with starfruit,mandarins,oranges. Found another giant chilacayote, tried to help my poor tomato plants out. Broccolini, beans, baby beets, spring onions,kale,collards, rainbow chard and a chinese cabbage. Have about 30 of these bloody things, anyone know if these can be used for saurkraut?Oh and 30 quail eggs, some of my 6 week old growouts are laying!
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  • Oh, and Doug - you spelled the title of this post wrong.  It should read, "Owed by the southside."  Just saying.  (Gawd, I crack me up. Fair dinkum.)

  • LOL.  Yeah, yeah.  Bite me, big boy.  I have also wombok finally coming heading up (just have to pick grubs off twice a day and only 4 or 5 cabbage).  Peaches are on (tiny yet though), mango is flowering for the first time, lychee flowering for the first time, and most of the citrus also seems to be coming into fruit.  I'm hoping to sneak through my gross lisse tomatoes before the fruit fly arrive.  That'd be a real ceau.  
    Damn mate - check my youtube channel for the kimchi recipe for chinese cabbage (wombok).  Sauerkraut is the same recipe but leave out all the spices bar salt.  I always wash both kimchi and sauerkraut before eating.  It make for a much milder and in my view pleasant experience.  

  • Maybe you can make Kimchi from your excess veges.

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