NOT a cauli

Picked this last night from one of the "cauli" plants bought as seedlings from a garden show up the Sunshine Coast recently.I'm supposed to be growing white, green and purple cauli from this seller.Ooops. Nice...but I wanted some cauli!
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  • I'll get around to googling eventually. Have a backlog of googling to do! due to time off the net, not to mention emails and bill paying. It's quite happy out there at the moment and not an annual.

  • I've forgotten its common name - I'd Google that coz I've never grown it much less eaten it. The folks who store roots in the ground live in colder places so I'd pass on that one and it's getting warmer too so rots and bugs will abound.

  • It's still doing it's thing - grown a little bigger.

    I look at it and wonder when and how I'm supposed to use it? I get the impression I don't use it all in one go - do I just dig around and take the odd root from it do you think?

  • Not professional, though; I expect better from growers who not shy on charging. How did the vegetable oyster turn out?

  • Turns out all the "Lime green caulis" are in fact brocolli. Small mistake by the grower.

    Just as well I ADORE home grown brocolli.

  • Not cauli ... Lettuces, Leeks and Carrots. I've grown cross-bred cabbage/cauli/broccoli/whatever and it is disappointing to wait all this time to find your plant does not give you what you planted it for.

  • ...Elaine bought some of these seedlings on the day also I think. Elaine?

  • My broccoli have exactly the same leaves. They're in the bed beside this and I grew them from seed myself. Big old boo-boo by the grower who sold the seed. I hope someone out there gets the chance to tell him.

    Waiting on the "purple" and "lime" cauli plants to see what I get now.

  • hmm. green cauli? has quite cauli-ish leaves - sure looks like a broccoli head though. problem is, they are different varieties of the same plant - i guess once they cross anything goes

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