No Lettuce for taco

I only had a few leaves of lettuce, so I switched to Kangkong, Brazilian spinach, young abika, and another type of spinach or silverbeat.
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  • I found dandelion seed heads on a morning walk 5 or 6 years ago and took them home. I now have them regularly popping up. 

  • We have a shortage of dandelions growing they all seem to be the other weed that looks like dandelions.

    The root of dandelions is used to flavor gin.

  • Now they are my kind of Greens.

  • What luscious looking leaves, Rob.

  • I have a lot of dandelions growing in shade and the new growth is delicious, I reckon they'd be good in a TACO. My Chrissie makes a pesto sauce from the older leaves, it is yummy.

  • I reckon I could live with that.  LOL. 

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