New banana patch

New banana patch
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  • Apparently they prefer to have friends - think it has something to do with the understorey/ shade provided by multiple plants?


    The banana/ paw paw circle that Scarlett is talking about is based on permaculture principles.  There is heaps of information on her page about it.  Dig a hole in the middle and throw all your green waste into it which breaks down into compost and feeds the banana and paw paws.  Think it also acts as a water trap so you don't have to water either. 

  • Dwarf Blue Java hey, I would make a special effort to fit one of those in.

    Why shouldn't we plant them seperately girls? What's the issue with that?

    My banana growing workshop didn't mention a circle with a pit - I DID leave my notes behind in the toilet though, so I may be mis-remembering.

  • These were planted in a hurry on grass (just covered it with wet paper and lucerne) ... now the dirt is all so wet I will have to get out there and dig a big hole in the middle to act as my compost bay. 


    Ali, I currently have the four original full size ducasse out the back - each with at least one sucker and all have a flower bell...  Out the front I have a Bob special (unknown variety as yet) and another ducasse - one is about 2m high now, while the other is still a baby.


    The new varieties coming along in this picture are dwarf ladyfinger, ladyfinger and dwarf blue java - I started with six suckers (two of each) and have four still alive and growing well.... hopefully the two that died were not the same variety although Murphy's law says they are ;) 

  • did you dig the hole first?

    the secret ingredient in the circle design is the 1m deep hole/ retaining basin/ compost pit - that's what makes the garden work/ maintenance free - a worthwhile initial investment of energy, although it was definitely a hard slog (took Andrew about 2 hours - soil was rock hard at the time, had to use a crow bar)

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