Name that pumpkin!Fred, I name him Fred.

I'm a pumpkin novice. Any idea what variety I have here?
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  • Will save some in the freezer for sure Elaine. Some will go to work for the clients also.

  • Turn some into the basis for Pumpkin soup and come winter, you're ready to make soup from the frozen ingredients.

  • Good grief, didn't think of that. Will have to take Fred to the centre where someone else other than myself can eat him :)

    The electricians work has been postponed so Fred has a little reprieve to mature properly.

  • Naming your produce now Lissa. You remember what happened (or more correctly didn't) to your snails....

  • *face palm*  

    LOL.  That's perhaps the best solution that's I've heard for a while. 

  • Thanks for the advice Elaine, will do.

    Fred will be just fine :)

  • In that circumstance, you cut it when you have to. Otherwise allow the stem at least to start to wither, the whole vine withering is supposed to be peak ripeness. Leaves the fruit open to being chomped, split or sunburned.

    Cut as long a stem as you can; they are trimmed right down in the shops for ease of storing but for longevity of storing a long stem is supposed to help the fruit stay good - 6 inches around that.

  • When do I know to pick it folks? Should the stem die a bit? Very limited experience with pumpkins and haven't paid a lot of attention to other peoples comments in the past.

    This whole vine is supposed to be cut back by next Saturday for the electrician - though may be put off as the insurance people still haven't confirmed it can go ahead. Hopefully that will be enough time for it to be edible.

  • Could be either Jarrahdale (which is more grey than blue), the skin is thinner than the Queensland Blue.  You will know when you peel it, as the Jarradale can be cut and peeled with a good knife, but the Queensland blue has deep ribs and almost needs an axe to peel. According to Jackie French's pumpkin book you can par cook it (QB) in the microwave for 5 mins and then peel if you wish. The QB can keep for up to 2 years and should be picked when mature.

  • I am only a backyard gardener, but the only one's that I've seen that resemble it is a Qld Blue or a Jarrahdale.

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