Mystery plant

Some type of millet? I don't remember planting anything in a pot though,
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  • Oh sure! Anything you like the look of can be used as green manure! You can mix grains, non-grains and legumes if you have the seeds, too. It's more important to have a thriving green top to be cut down just before flowering than to bother about what is is (unless a noxious or toxic plant).
  • So can I use it as green manure, or feed to the chooks I assume. - probably useful to encourage by saving seeds?
  • A lot of pasture/feed grain/legume plants appear especially near through roads. Seeds fall from trucks, get blown about and birds 'plant' odd seeds too. An ornamental chilli appeared 'by itself' partly under my house, planted by a bird, perhaps. I've got a weirdo red thingy growing where I expected the Dandelions I had planted from nursery stock. Never a dull moment with plants!
  • yes, could be chook feed (i have some by the fence, can't remember chucking chook feed there but it's possible). i also wonder if it comes in with the sugar cane mulch
  • I think I get this from residue chook feed....
  • sorghum? i get this one too. bird dropped maybe
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