Mystery Bug--Friend or Foe?

Found this guy hanging out on the Choko vine. I've never seen one before. He's not small either...maybe 50mm or more with antenna and legs included.Can anyone ID it?
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  • Great photo! Good to have different visitors to the garden. Enjoy its company.

  • Lovely. A bit more info HERE.

    Longicorn Beetles lay eggs  in cracks of barks or under barks. Most Longicorn Beetle larvae are wood borers. Usually they are host specific of living or dead trees, usually infest severely on weakened trees, dying or felled logs. The life cycles are from few months to more than a year.  

  • Never mind! I finally found it.

    It's a "Flower Longicorn Beetle" or "Tiger Longicorn Beetle" (Aridaeus thoracicus).

    Still not sure if it's friend or foe. I'll just consider it a neutral resident for now and leave him be.

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