My "maybe" pumpkin

Despite cutting back the bulk of this plant it's still trying bravely to produce at least one fruit for me. Fertilised by finger. Who knows, maybe this time I'll get a pumpkin.
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  • Good to know. Last time I was cutting off the embryo fruit and just composting them. Now I know better.

  • Yes and yes. The plant produces many more embryos than it could support to maturity. Once you've got your 2-3 fruits developing, just take the others as they form. Steam, stir-fry, fry, bake. Subtle flavour but don't keep long.

  • Do you prepare it like a little squash Elaine? I wonder if you can also eat the ones that don't get pollinated.

  • And if it looks as though it's going to drop off, take it and use it. Immature Pumpkin is really quite tasty.

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