Moringa "Drum Sticks - Indian English name"

Nice veggie, Mostly south Indians use both leaves and drum sticks in cooking.
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  • All good Cheryl , there are plenty of recipes related to this plant in YouTube , this is really nice veggie :)
  • Thanks Vinay, I thought maybe you use more than just the leaves.  I have a small plant donated to me by Rob and am looking forward to when it is large enough to harvest.  Did try a couple of the leaves and really like the taste.

  • Back in India we use it in cooking , we call it as drum sticks in India :) we use that veggie in soups , they are very tasty and their leaves are very healthy. Back in India we believe that , by eating their leaves is good for eye sight.
  • HI Vinay, what do you mean by using the drum stick?

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