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  • I've finally finished the bottling, and now have a total of eight 500gram bottles of pears. Trouble is I was left with only six pieces of fruit to enjoy now, guess I'll have to knock up a small amount to keep in the fridge.

  • I cooked up another batch, yesterday but I finished cooking them late, so I left them covered and I'm about to bottle them today. I used the white skinned chokos that grew on the western side of the macadamia tree, they were actually green chokos but due to no sunlight they ended up white. The recipe called for cochineal, but I boiled up some cranberry hibiscus leaves and used that.

    I will cook up the excess green ckokos into pie apples and bottle them in a few days.

  • Chokos converted into pears, good texture and taste, now to bottle and preserve. I used 15  chokos that had just started to sprout even though all recipes call for young tender ones.

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