Marquez SAUSAGE & Baba Ganoush Tacos

Think eggplant: think Baba Ganoush.Tacos: wee snags + Baba Ganoush + tomato/onion droplets.I was surprised how effective the extruder was. I had purchased it to make beef jerky but what I attempted never worked well for me.These little sausage shapes cook quickly and have all the flavour of bigger lumps of meat mix.Sausage grinders are a pain to set up and use. Especially for small batches.But casings keep the delicious fat in. And really, sausages are all about the flavoured fat. The skins stops that leaking out.
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  • Microwave your sweet potato with the skin on  and scoop out  and  mash its insides,  Once cooled combine with Corn Flour for tacos, salt and fat (I use lard). Roll into golf ball size balls. Let rest -- covered -- for 10 minutes then press into tortilla shape before frying on a greaseless pan.

    Roughly -- as I recall -- 1 part sweet potato mash to approx 4   parts Masa Harina corn flour. I can usually tell by feel, as it's all about getting the tortilla to separate from the press. Maybe 1:3 would work.

    I make corn tortillas several times a week so while I'm skilled, I do improvise. I know you can do a lot with a taco press. So I added the mash and flour to suit. Tortillas are held together by the pressure intermesh of ingredients. Totally different from the effect of gluten and years.

    It is common to add greens to a taco mix -- especially cooked and drained Chaya leaves or Nopales.

    Masa Harina is a versatile flour. But it performs very  differently to wheat. I don't know of any use of beans or  legume flours  with it, but then my favourite millet site is chock-full of combo suggestions. See these ROTIS. for example. 

    I hope to experiment with millet flours, because we eat a lot of millet and Millet Flour seems to perform similar to corn flours. We substitute millet for rice -- with its generally empty calories. And substitute Masa for wheat.

    Here's a recipe using wheat flour:LINK.

    But other flours are used too.

    Tonight I'm making a millet porridge with steamed chicken.

  • Hang on a minute.... can you explain that recipe?  It might get me closer to my crazy no flour bread creations. 

  • FYI: The DIY is self-evident from the pics, but the other day I made a simple sweet potato and corn tortilla by substituting sweet spud mash for some of the corn flour. Delicious.

    My corn press and I are joined at the hip.

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