Mangosteen fruit

First time I've ever tried Mangosteen and not at all what I expected. Bought from fruit shop at The Gap.Soft sweet juicy flesh, not much of it, with a seed in the middle of each segment.
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  • Can't remember what happened to the seed Mary Ann. 

  • Anything that will help mental health issues has to be good.

  • It may have some medicinal benefits in the skin according to THIS article.  

  • did you keep the seeds Lissa ? must get some growing - we have a yellow but the red/ black are so much nicer though more for the tropics ! 

  • I love mangosteens but it works out a bit pricey when buying from the shops.  I bought a plant from the BOGI fair last year and have it in a pot, so far so good but unknown how long it will take to fruit.

  • I'm putting together a list of fruit trees I "want" when I have a garden again and this is on it. Probably won't happen....but it is a wish list.

  • It's a heavenly flavour, very hard to describe ... thinking about growing a tree and figuring that the edible part, however delightful, is a small fraction of the whole fruit most of which can only be composted and the seeds thrown out. Seems very wasteful for we who have small yards in which to grow edibles.

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