Madagascar Beans & Purple Cauliflower

I believed this to be the last cauliflower, however there's 3 more plants forming heads... and so many white moth butterflies.The Madagascar beans just keep on coming.
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  • Im glad to hear  Rob,I really love sharing stuff around  I know will probably grow well for everyone. I had an article put in grass roots magazine on the beans and was completely surprised by letters from complete strangers including a dear lady from Mt Isa that wanted them and couldnt get them.Have supplied Eden seeds also with these beans .

  • These Madagascar beans trace back to you Darren.... Darren to Lissa to Andy to Me! Thanks all!

    With you there Sophie, I now cannot imagine my garden without a Madagascar Bean, or two.

  • Yep, agreed. I'm a big fan!

  • Arent those beans just awesome,would have to put it at the top of the list in terms of cooking versatilty,taste, yield,little problems regarding pests  and its ability to handle the terrible hot and dry conditions we are currently experiencing.

  • One more large head formed with 2 other plants producing small heads.


    Susan... the cauliflower ended up being what I believed was the purple sprouting spears broccoli.

    I sowed both the cauliflower and the purple spears, however it looks as though only the cauliflower made it to the end.

    Pretty much finished for this year, a net is a must for next year though. It should save me a lot of time grub picking.

  • They look so pretty

  • ?Net them?  Might get some more.  Looks good.

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