Madagascar beans in Wicking bed

These should be ready soon. I have begun harvesting off the 2 plants. The seedlings came from Andy ... Thanks mate! and I believe the seeds originated from Lissa's Madagascar's
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  • Very Healthy Happy Beans Rob, my seeds are also from Darren and my vines are going well.

    I was told to probably not expect beans until next year but there are some coming on. I have mine climbing up an old PMG wooden ladder (Darren jokingly said last time he saw them "and I suppose you will expect me to climb up there and pick them!!!", well it wouldn't be a bad idea, what do you think?. Thanks BLF for having such Caring, Sharing Members...

  • And my plants came originally from Darren. Five degrees of Madagascar bean separation....

  • Mine are going good too. 

  • What a great producer Madagascar bean is and this is only the first year for you Rob. You must have this in a sheltered position or being a wicking bed they have access to lots of water. After the pods have matured I'd expect the vine to die back which is good otherwise that's all you will have in the bed.

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