Madagascar bean haul

3.8kgs of beans to store. That's a lot of meals for us 2.
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  • That sounds great Andy, I am constantly looking for ways to become.self sufficient, for no other reason than I just want to.

  • After recent posts, I'm thinking of starting a group for "Prep-steaders."  I can think of at least 4 of us that grow, hunt, forage and/or preserve enough to have started to move to a situation where we could survive outside of the commercial norm.  We also have sufficient basic food processing and preparation skills to manage almost from scratch.  I don't claim to be great at it yet but that would be the point of the group.  I thought I'd steal your post for a few moments to see what you and others thought of the idea?

  • Stacking the pantry, so satisfying!9379232482?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • I have a "bigger bean" playlist on Youtube for exactly this reason.  

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