Lychee covered in flower spikes

This rain is making it look like we will get bumper crops from summer fruits.
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  • Lol Susan you up early watching the cricket as well?

  • I concur about the water.  I have found you must water lots to get fruit to set and stay

  • Hey Ross, this is my kwai mai pink that has fruited well every year since it was about 3 years old. I have not sprayed anything on the flowers, have heard some stfc members spray boron? to help fruit set. I have a kiamana as well that has awsome fruit but only get a good crop every second year, possibly the cross pollination helps?

    I have to net the tree as soon as fruit set to keep out the macadamia nut borer. 

    I have heard the kwai mai pink is the most reliable cropper in our climate.

    I foliar feed at end of july to promote a flush as this then turns to flowers at this time of year. If it flushes too late the flowers dont get enough cool weather. I will water after the fruit sets just to help it hold on.  I put home made compost,dynamic lifter and zinc heptachloride around all my trees twice a year and foliar spray molassas, seasol and powerfeed four times a year. Lychees and jaboticabas push through the leafburn. I am going to do a video walkaround this weekend for some other groups but I will put it on BLF. 

  • Doug do you spray your lychee flowers with fungicide during flowering to get better fruit set? Mine is loaded with flowers atm but has seldom set a crop in over 25 years. It is a large seed variety tai so from what I can remember. Thanks for any advise on watering also as would love to get a decent crop one year. I have lots of mulch under the leaf canopy but hold back any heavy fertilising. 

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