last of the winter crop

Florence Fennel, Mangel (so much I need a Cream of Mangel soup recipe), broccoli, tiny garlic - what a let down, mini caps, Maranta tubers, roma toms, beans, radish. Going to make a big pot of chicken soup with most of it.
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  • Doesn't matter. Others might like to try your recipe :)

  • Forgot about you citrus problem - shame because I love this salad in summer.

  • That sounds delicious Cheryl. Unfortunately orange is the worst of the citrus for allergy for me. I can take a little bit of lemon but not orange.

  • Lisa, you must give fennel, orange (blood if you can get hold of any), pomegranit salad with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pepper - really nice salad

  • I love my Florence Fennel Rob and always try to plant some. I use the fronds (can't call them leafs/leaves) for cooking while the plant is growing and then cook the base in a chicken dish.

    Left these a tad too long and they were getting a bit erky looking, but after peeling away the outside bits the centre is tender and delicious still. I like them raw as well. Would probably go well in a salad.

  • How would you rate the fennel on the worth-it-ness scale, Lissa? I didn't bother this year and sort of regretted it.

  • Thanks Barbara :) I often eat things before I think to take a pic lol.

    They are amazing carrots. Straight and plump.

  • Nice haul for the winter garden's last hurrah, Lissa. Good photo, too. When my beans, broccoli, peas and carrots came out, I only thought to get a photo of the last lot of carrots.34636951?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Thanks Rob :)

    One of the fennel (goes so well with chicken), a maranta, two caps, a garlic, broccoli, the tiny spuds and a mangel went into a one pot chicken dish along with an onion and some stock. It was really quite good.

  • You got the veg and chicken soup vibe a-happening here Lissa, thanks.

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