Ahhhh...!Maybe sometimes there is a waft of a cesspool about it. And maybe a scoby looks like alien afterbirth...But as soon as your lips start a'suckin and your throat a'guzzlin, a symbiotic growth of acetic acid bacteria and osmophilic yeast species in a green tea broth makes for a very happy gastrointestinal experience which quickly slates the thirst.
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  • Yeah, I think it becomes a bit of a kombucha lifestyle. My friend's daughter drinks so much she has likely pickled her insides haha

  • I don't flavour and have settled on green tea alone rather than black.

    I don't dilute -- but I always add ice when I drink.

    My partner uses it for her daily cocktail hour white wine spritzer. Much cheaper even than mineral water or soda. And certainly more sustainable. None of that heavy cart back from the shops.

    Purchased kombucha is seriously expensive. It's dearer than beer!

    I do bottle though --and with my rate of consumption -- I bottle around 15 x 750 ml each time. So I am guzzling the stuff as does my son. So I have 24 bottles empty or full  on hand.

    Once you routine it is so easy to keep yourself supplied --and compared to other ferments -- or domestic drink makings -- it's up there easy peasey.

    I think Kombucha along with  Filmjölk are the great DIY ferments. For kids, kombucha is a great way to wean them from other liquid hits.

  • Nice one. My scoby went to the compost as no one was drinking the rate I was producing. Irony is partner has bought some overpriced kombucha drinks in fancy bottles recently... Did you flavour? Are you diluting much?

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