Kipfler potatoes and broadbeans

The kipfler potatoes started dying back, so I dug a fair few up yesterday.Plenty of breadbeans too!
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  • Thanks Susan, this year the plant in the wicking bed is producing good beans as well.

    Thanks Lissa, I treated them like the other potatoes which were growing in your type of soil mix (compost manure, deco & crusher dust), which sits ontop of lots of organic matter (sticks, logs, straw, leaves, now over year old).

  • I've only grown Dutch Cream, King Edward, Sabago, Otway Red, pontiac and kiplfer to date and would pick Dutch Cream & Otway Red as my favourites so far. Having said that, I would like to grow kiplfer again, they're a nice potato, especially baked.

  • I planted them in mid or late May Phil. In contrast to last year's potatoes, both lots of potatoes (pontiac and kiplfer) have died back without flowering. I've pulled good yields from both and still have more to harvest, but was not expecting to start harvest so early. I did purposely run the bed quite dry, but maybe too dry.

  • Nice harvest Rob. Will you be growing them (i.e. kipfler) again and how long did they take to grow?

  • Good on you Rob.  Aren't the Kipfler's funny looking potatoes?  Seems that you have this broad bean thing down pat. 

  • Well done! Don't think I've seen anyone succeed with Kipfler before.

  • yumm!

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