The first cut: pumpkin pilaf for tea.Next up: planting Red Kuri.Just the right size for menu integration.
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  • What a pretty lot of Pumpkins Dave, you really are a great grower. I am sure you will find recipes for them all too.

  • A great harvest of pumpkins Dave. I too have a few ready to pick. I have found that the Jap / Kent pumpkins are the best for our conditions. They seem to have the sweetest flesh which will beat all the others I have tried and to top that they are the easiest to grow in our heat. I have grown Turks Turban, Jarrah, Golden , Galleux D'Esines ( the yellow, French warty one) Dutch Crookneck, and Butternut. While some are a novelty to grow, for all round taste, and ease of effort, I'll grow the Jap / Kent everyday. 

  • Similar to Kent/Jap in flavour too?

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