Is the pumpkin doomed?

Behind all this growth is the aircon unit that needs replacing due to gecko damage. Everything is going to be cut back weekend after this. The pumpkin is growing fast. Perhaps I can leave it there long enough to crop.
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  • Yet to do the cutback Dianne. Will try to follow the plant back to it's source and leave it to the weekend of the electrical work.

  • Looks so happy there. What did you decide to do Lissa?

  • Good advice Elaine, thank you.

  • When you need to cut into the vine, take off any fruit at any stage of maturity. The really young ones keep a few days and make a delicious addition to any cooked vege mix. The larger ones will keep longer and will ripen up to a degree. Just use them when you need to.

    All is not lost! Even the most immature pumpkin fruit can be eaten.

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