Irwin Mango Jan 2020

We wanted to have a yearly taste of mango but were not keen of having a large mango tree in our backyard. Then the opportunity came along to buy a dwarf mango tree for our son who has acreage, and now we get our supply of mango fruit from him each year. There is about the same amount left on the tree for him. They are harvested at about shoulder height. The two boxes are ours yum!
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  • I purchased mine from Daley's 3 years ago and it is already bearing, not many, but beautiful.

    Please find link below

  • Never heard of an Irwin mango, would be interested in their origin and what they are similar to
  • You lucky girl, IF I were you I would sit in the bath and eat Mangoes until my mouth was so sore I would wake up with Mango Sores the next day. Well that is what I would do when I was at boarding school and lucky enough to have a Mango Tree to climb.

    No seriously, they look beautiful, ENJOY!!!

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