Bad Year for Jerusalem Artichokes

It was obvious that my J-chokes were having issues with the weather. Maybe it was too wet to thrive because the flowers were very few this year.As a member of the sunflower clan you can usually expect quite a show. Not this time around.Most of this harvest has to be recycled for next season.But with sunchokes in the subtropics it's `iffy whether to store them somewhere cool or just let some tubers stay in the soil.In the shops they are a very rare occurrence.Good tasting -- a truly remarkable vegetable tuber.Unlike most tubers, the tubers store their carbohydrate as inulin (not to be confused with insulin) rather than as starch.The tuber contains about 2% protein, no oil, and little starch but is rich in the carbohydrate inulin (8 to 13%).As I don't do yoga what little meal I will get from these will have to suffice in way of generating some flatulent goodness.No need to adopt Downward Facing Dog or the Plow. With fartichokes a good meal thereof turns you into a hovercraft even while sedentary. Talk about transcendental elevation!
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