Mutant pineapple top

I got this from one particularly sweet and juicy pineapple at the markets. As it seems to have multiple shoots, would I be safe to separate them to create multiple plants or do they need to stick together? I just stuck him in the soil/compost a couple of weeks ago and seems to be doing ok. Thanks
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  • Haha Elaine - good thinking, there are heaps of cane toads at the moment.
    James, happy to wait! 

  • Not all  of mine made suckers. Those that do increase your next crop quite a bit. The fruit needs to have a bent stalk to be ripe and it doesn't always take 6 months to ripen. The flavour is amazing.

  • Sorry to Rain on your parade, but it takes 18months for a sucker, and 24 months for a pineapple top, so hang in there, at least once it fruits it will produce suckers and they will only take 18 months.

  • Cane Toad. Looking for a damp spot to hole up for the day. Have a shovel handy when you go to look, if you spot it, give it a really decent whack on the back then sever its spine. Bury it there to make some use of an otherwise useless animal.

  • Nice, yeah, now that I realise how easy it is, yet how long we will need to wait, wishing I had got more also!
    Some animal has been moving/derooting my pineapple tops every morning! Possum?

  • My double topper seems to be growing extremely well too.
    I've got five going from free tops that were going to be thrown away at the fruit market. I should have grabbed more.

  • We're all waiting with baited breath ;-) My two-topper is growing well and should produce fruit this summer if it's going to. Will update when I have some fruit.

  • Excellent, will do and will update in 2 yrs :)
  • I had one like this that I bought from markets too.  I split up as much as I could and have ended up with 4 decent plants and about 5 more that are still alive but not yet thriving.  I reckon you could separate yours easy. 

  • Would be interesting to see if all three tops managed to produce a fruit. Two year experiment.

    Separating them might ensure three fruit.

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