Waterlogged bush beans?

These were looking really happy but yesterday they started shivelling up :( I notice a bit of a light fungus? They were planted into compost/potting mix mounds into my new lasange sheet mulching so could be they are too hot? The surrounding sheet is quite warm from decomposing. That or waterlogged though I thought I was onto that this time... I planted a second row behind them yesterday (germinated at same time) and they are looking very healthy so am keen for this not to spread... Ironically the birds have munched all my climbing bean seedlings (daily) but hadnt touched the bush beans
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  • These all died by the way, even though they had a reshoot (didnt end up putting them in pots - will try againwith new seeds when get back from trip). The second row (germinated at same time but planted in later) are still alive though outer leaves doing the same yellowing thing though continuing to shoot. The ground did feel cooler now. I planted Rob's broadbean in place... We'll see what happens
  • Good thinking Elaine, will try on the weekend. Thanks
  • Depends on the pots! Keeping water up to plants in pots is always the challenge. Can you modify them into wicking pots? Use builder's plastic to cover and make an overflow in the side of a plastic pot. Works well.

    If you can lift the plants which are wilting now and re-plant in pots or a cool spot you might save them. Nothing to lose in trying!

  • Thanks Elaine, yeah when I dug some spots to fil in new mounds for the second row it was quite hot. What would you reccomend? Would bush beans (provider by eden seeds) do ok in pots do you think?
  • Heat could do it as I know to my cost :-\ - how hot does the soil feel when you put your hand in there? 

  • The photo makes them look greener then they are - getting pale yellow
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