Garden bed 1 feb 2016

Garden bed 1 feb 2016
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  • Watering is far from an exact science! You were given an index finger so you can check the wetness of soil! ;-) Check then there's no mistakes. If some soil sticks to your finger when you take it from the soil (I hesitate to say pull your finger out ;-)) then it is damp enough for plants.

  • Hello Sophie, Our plants are looking the same, and I planted some strawberry runners and they are all dead looking.  When we had a strawberry farm, we had to have them planted by St.Patricks Day.  So there is still hope if I can get my hands on some new runners.

  • True, a few hours! Ok, hopefully this storm will break today and it won't be needed, but how many times a week would you say for long soak?
  • I see you have a soaker hose. They are good. Turn it over so the water goes direct into the ground and not up in the air where it gets lost. Needs to be on for some hours to do its job well.

  • Taken yesterday after sunny hot day with no watering (hence sad looking pumkin)
    Front: Sweet basil, thai basil. That crazy oregano everywhere, parsley in this bed. Used to have tomatos. cleared out the other bed yesterday, thinking about what to put
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