ID pls: avo?

I found this little one growing among the weeds in my raised bed. I'm thinking through what went into my cold compost and the thing that comes to mind is avocado? Dare I be so lucky..? He is a little worse for wear and was crooked but seems to be doing better with the support (I just happened to have a wigwam I was getting ready for peas to be planted once weather cools). Thanks
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  • Hi everyone, unfortunately this little guy didn't make it. I think roots were drowned with all this rain (mixed blessing). Roger I only saw your comment now, sadly. So didn't cut off leaves but did mulch heavily. Not sure if Avos are worth the trouble judging by other BLF experiences, sounds like a bit of a hassle for little/no gain. Sad because expensive and yummy!

  • Definitely an Avo. I would cut off most of the leaves and mulch heavily. Feeder roots at the surface, don't disturb again, just protect from the sun. Have you got deep soil? If not then I would consider planting into a largish container in Spring. Good luck.

  • Thanks Susan :) This raised bed is probably not the best spot for him even if he is a miracle plant as the beds are only about 40cm high; nothing compared to Roger's wheelie bins! Am scared to disturb him too much though if he has sensitive roots?
  • Oh, and I would lay some serious mulch down.  They really like their roots protected.

  • Looks like an Avo to me too.  One way you could check, if you dig down a little, there should still be the big seed at the base -> if it's there, at least you know for sure it is an avo. 

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