I think the Quails are still in lay

A week ago, I stopped putting Quail eggs in the incubator and started to box them for eating. Afterall, it is supposed to be winter now. I think I'm going to have to start to sell gourmet Quail eggs. Oh, and tonight, I collected the first egg from the second pen (my first lot of babies).
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  • I'll buy some from you Andy. I've eaten them at a GV and they were very yummy.

  • I think I will begin to sell them.  They are a wonderful tasting little egg.  Not as strong as chicken but a lot more creamy.  

    Lissa - mine are guaranteed chemical and fetus free.  I couldn't imagine anything more disgusting... 

  • Gorgeous!! They are so pretty. At least you are still getting eggs. I'm only getting 1 egg every third day or so from 6 chickens! Bloody freeloaders! I've just bought my second carton of eggs this year.
  • Precocious little sods aren't they?

  • These would be fertilised eggs Andy? No chance of little fetuses when they are cracked open?

    Dinky little egg containers. Specially made for tiny quail eggs by the looks.

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