I’m a real farmer now

Well, this morning I woke to a roosters crow which meant today was the day. 3 of my 7 chicks were boys and I put my country raised childhood experiences to good use. Still had to call my mum 1/2 way through my first one for some help.
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  • A lot of people are the same Susan.  It makes no sense, and many of them will even admit that.  

  • We are still eating our pumpkins from the farm harvest.  So good!  We are heading up there soon and I’m going to try some of the brassicas like kohl rhabi and potatoes but come summer, it will be all pumpkins again.  I think I push myself to do these things because I like knowing I can do this stuff.  As a child, this was something I hated but I think back now to the skills that my parents gave me and I’m so grateful.  I get frustrated at my friends who can’t deal with the idea of eating something ive raised but are still meat eaters and think it’s different buying from a shop.  

  • You are definitely a true self sufficient woman,  more than I could say about myself.  Well done. The poultry was very well dressed, reminding me of our youth, when this was a real treat, a sunday dinner for special days.

    We went for a drive to Boonah on the weekend and supported the locals by cleaning up their supply of pumpkins beside the road.  Japs and jarradales for $2, this was the only produce we saw in the area.  

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