How I cut moringa

This photo is for vivienne who was asking about my moringa pruning. Its here in case anyone else is interested, I cut the whole tree back to chest height in winter and it regrows lots of branches to harbest
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    A couple of weeks after pruning and there are 5cm shoots of new growth already.

    A really amazing tree.

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    This is my pruned moringa, down to about 2m from nearly 5m.

    I planted this tree as a small seedling about 2 years ago.  It grew very

    slowly at first and then just took off.


  • Think this one is 3 years old Cheryl. They grow very quickly in summer but need water

  • Not even my trunks are as thick as your branches, WOW, looks like its a long term project

  • Holy heck!  

  • Thanks Doug good that your tree branches from near the base, lots more spots for new growth.  Have you ever grown seedlings from the seed ?

  • That's good to know.
    I have a few Moringas but they are so slow growing in my sand.
    They are incredibly slow!
    Been in for years and still look like saplings.
    I do cut back. Maybe I need to be savage...and do it more often.
  • I give my moringa a brutal prune every year around this time.
  • Good cut back, I believe the whole tree can be eaten, but I am not sure how you would use the branches.  The big pieces can be grown as cuttings if you know what to do.

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