home grown pineapple....

Not a big fan of pineapple but after waiting two years for this little fruit I had to try it out on my ham and salad sarnies. Pretty good.
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  • Just picked a 3-month fruit which was rotting from being sunburned. I left it out intending to chop it for compost and figured to try it first. As well I did! So sweet and flavoursome! Only tiny but worth the effort. They are supposed to take 6 months to ripen but that seems to be flexible.

  • Pick it Florence, no harm. Cut it open and see what you have. My other fruit is only tiny and not getting any bigger.

  • Look very appetising!! I've waited four years for my potted pineapple, and it's finally growing fruit, but it got a direct hit from a huge gum tree limb during the last storm... it's not dead yet, although the pot is broken, and plant disfigured, the fruit have started yellowing despite it's only fist size... I think the fruit itself is damaged and is rotting :( oh well... 

  • Some do make pups, some don't. Finally I've grown one which did make some pups, some on the fruit's stem and some between the leaves. Just planted them so a while before there's any results.

  • Steven - thanks :) but I did nothing special, just stuck the pups and top in, mulched every now and then and watered once a week. The top of this one has gone back into the garden - no pups with it oddly enough - perhaps it was a pup itself and maybe they don't produce them.

  • Susan - I suppose I garden more intensively than the acreage folk. From memory (of walking around their gardens - and remember I never saw yours) they have plants and gardens quite spread out...and they have more distance to cover to support these plants and gardens. Mine is all within hose length and I can see how everything is doing with one short walk.

    Personally if I had my acreage I would follow permaculture principles in the most basic sense. Veg beds close to the house and fruit trees further off.

  • Wonderful.  Not many people grow these in the home garden.

  • May I ask what you would do differently?  I'm way off the original subject now!

  • I've heard that before from people on acreage Susan. And I've been there myself (last house 1.5acres) - but would plant the land completely differently now than I did then.

    I used to belong to a Samford gardening group and all had acreage. Apart from perhaps more variety of fruit trees I managed to grow far more usable produce on my suburban block. Perhaps because it's all within easy reach for maintenance?

  • I am also amused by the fact that most things in my yard won't actually produce for another few years.  I am not normally a patient person. 

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