Herbal teas

T'is the season for oodles of cups of warm drinks as I sit for hours working on the computer. Coffee is not an option unless I want to run a marathon. Lots of options for caffeine free drinks in the garden. Rosella is a good one.
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  • I have looked at my seedlings this morning and I have 4 pots with 3 in each (surprise they all did germinate), you are quite welcome to one pot.

  • I heard about the Blue Butterfly Pea at a workshop from Linda Brennan. I tried to germinate her seeds but did not have success. I'd love to give it another try. I have not been able to find more seeds. That would be fab!

  • Sorry forgot to say Clitoria Ternatea Blue Butterfly Pea is also the flower that gives Blue Gin it's colour & flavour.

  • Love it Valerie thanks for sharing, I do love your photo with the lovely flower bouquet.

    Teas are not only fun to make but can certainly be beneficial to your health. My Friend dropped off a tea to me a couple of weeks ago called Blue Tea made from Butterfly Pea Flowers & Lemon Myrtle. 

    Clitoria Ternatea Blue Butterfly Pea is a fast growing perennial evergreen climber that produces beautifully Blue Pea-Like Flowers with a striking White-Yellow Throat. This is a tea that is renowned to relieve stress and other heath conditions. I do have seeds in of this plant and hope to give away at a GV in the future. 

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