Both my soursops have set a bunch of fruit. They are about 50mm long and this is the second year of flowering but first fruit set, very excited
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  • I, for one, will be very happy to see your food forest, Doug.

  • Yeah for sure Doug.  I figured as much.  Just like to warn people they will see cooked mini-chickens. I'll go In over the top like an old sheep dog. 

  • Yeah Dianne am happy to book the GV in on 19th of December. I dont mind what time maybe 2pm? We have shade in the afternoon from bamboo. I will do some quail and some quail eggs, am sure there will be enough non quail to eat. I am going to do another virtual video tour this weekend after  getting hassled by facebook groups I am a member of.  

  • Hi Doug,

    We are off to Harvey Bay/Frazer Island for a week, but I am happy to put your event up if you would like to send me a little piece to put in. It isn't that I don't like Quail, I just get a bit yucky when faced with pictures of them with there cloths off, and I myself know I would have a name for everyone of them and then couldn't eat them. But I do understand it is your food so you look at it differently. 

  • Andy we wont make quail eating compulsory. I could just cook some up for those interested. I tend to forget as I look at a quail like I look at a cabbage.

  • I need to declare conflict of interest here. I eat home raised quail.  We need to be clear in the event description about it including home raised and processed birds.  It will be a big turn off for some and a big attraction to others. I make no judgement and support the idea.  I just want clarity in the description to avoid anyone getting surprised. I am also happy to put this one up if Dianne doesn't want to. She's not a fan of the home process and I am sure we all respect that decision. 

  • Christa I never even thought about quail!  I can do some asian style and some just cooked on the bbq.  Gives me an excuse to breed more - who am I kidding I dont need an excuse. Am looking at maybe the Saturday the 19th of December , arvo b4 chrismas. If that suits people let me know and I will book it in with Dianne. 

  • Where have you got goats hidden on that block?  Don't get too flash or we you will have to charge entry fees.  I was hoping you might be generous and let us taste a small bit of cooked quail.  We can share one amongst ten of us.

    What we do when numbers are limited, it's usually first in best dressed for a GV.  I am sure Dianne will help you with details and organising, she knows her stuff too.  No hurry, do it when the boss lady is OK with it.  

  • Sounds good Christa will sort out some dates with my boss lady. Might have to limit it to 10 people initially, hopefully those restrictions are eased by then. Maybe an afternoon / early dinner and I can do a whole goat on the spit over coals, I look for any excuse to do some cooking over coals. Plus my lap pool has a 12m bench seat perfect to sit on and cool off after a strenious hike around the garden.

  • Fabulous you really have have quite a Tropical Fruit Salad Bowl at your place. Perhaps a Christmas Break-Up GV at you place is in line. Please let me know what you think and maybe give me a tentative date to put on the calendar...Cheers...Dianne

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