Ground Hog Radish

This Ground Hog Radish was planted in 200mm of garden soil, with a shale/clay/rock base. It managed to push a further 50mm into that base.When I pulled it out, I cracked it and was about to feed it to the goats until I tried a crispy wafer of it. It did not make it to the goats, it went straight inside as it tasted delightful. Very mild on radish flavory, very mild on heat, crispy and tasty.Nice cut in >2mm slices, with cheese relish sandwiches and cracker mixes ... so far
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  • Looking really good, thanks for the friendly welcome folks!

  • I should have some seeds from these down the track Christa, These monsters are sending up flowers to 1.7 Meters. Hover-flies and native bees are always visiting them.

  • Sounds like you need to save some seed from your GH plants Rob if you ever want to grow these again. Good to have Leigh on board :)

  • Yep, I was very happy with my orders as well.  

  • A Big Thanks to Leigh for the Ground Hog Radish seeds and all the other seeds you've supplied me, past and future. ... And thank you for the lovely 'thank you' note (and free seeds) you put in with those orders.

  • Thanks Rob.  

    Thanks for the info Leigh. 

  • And this was a 'discontinued line'. It's interesting to read how seeds get bartered around the world despite the best efforts of governments and Monsanto. Thanks for the info Leigh and Rob I'll be definitely interested in trying some different types especially if they are easy to grow. Cheers.

  • Oh yeah, forgot to say the leaf makes a great stir fry vegetable, and you can harvest from the bottom while you wait for the root to grow.
    Sesame, soy sauce, big handful of greens, high heat for a couple minutes, delicious!

  • Noticed a bit of traffic, and lots of folks searching for these guys on the website.

    Figured I better fill folks in.

    I  got the original seeds from a friend in USA (love barter), and although the crops were good as was the flavor, we just preferred the ones from Japan. Gotta draw a line somewhere, only so many 100's varieties a dude can grow, and this guy just didn't make the cut.

    Also, there must have been a cross along the lines somewhere as every now and then it throws a round leaf. Not very often mind you, and it doesn't really make a difference, just that was the nail in the coffin..

    Huge harvest, so we just gave the seeds away as freebies. We often add extra stuff to the orders, and it is generally when we have a glut of seed, too many to sell, or the harvest was so small that I can't be bothered making up an advert.

    "Discontinued lines" is the third reason, not a very common occurrence, but this is one of them.
    Like I say, still a great veg, and well worth saving seeds from.

  • Andy, I like the taste of the Ground Hog radish over the French Breakfast (red and white). But like yourself, I can only have so much radish, I find it best incorporated into a salad, once I have had too much radish sandwich and alike. This groundhog radish is very mild on radish for a radish.

    Phil, looks like you're seeking that radish taste, I'll have a sample GH radish and FB radish for you within the week, but I bet you'll love the French Breakfast. I'll have a sample of both for you too Andy.

    Picture Below - Ground Hog Radishes, bottom right ... they're digging for me.34636779?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

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