Getting ready for mango abundance.

This was my mother's day present 2 years ago. Last year all the mangoes were eaten before they were even ripe. This year I am ready and waiting with the net.
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  • The one in the picture is in a large pot, wicking style setting. I think it might be a graft. The worm farm one (true to seed of sorts) was in a pot for years and grew slowly because the pot was way too small. Once in the ground it really flourished. 

  • Next time you have a nice tasting mango, save the seed and pop it in your worm farm type. I only have the Nam Doc Mai because it was available at the nursery on Mother's day. The one from the worm farm has S shaped mangoes and they taste nice too. And also good seed/flesh ratio, not stringy. 

  • Thanks Valerie, want to have a mango tree and am trying to work out what type.  Andy what type are you growing?

  • Mine was a worm farm sprouting as well.  I have a second little one in a pot.  I think we hit on a reproduction strategy here.  Chuck the seeds in the worm farm.  

  • Nam Doc Mai is the variety in the picture. I also have one from a sprouted seed in the wormfarm at the front that is also in flowers. 

  • I lied. Spurred on by Valerie's pic, I checked my tree. 9393900293?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Hi Valerie, can you tell me what type of mango you are growing and is it in a pot?
  • It's a darned early flowerer that one.  

  • I've found its best to wait until the mangos are 2/3 grown, then I cover. The tree suffers from the lack of airflow if left on for 4 months or more. I have just cut down one of my big lychees that doesn't produce much and put in a coconut cream mango, king Thai mango and miracle mango to go with my kp and royal red(irwin type). Have a Glen to find space for then that will be 6 mangos that should give me 3 months of fresh mangos.

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