Get an augur for planting.

Today we planted 1300 Vetiver slips in double quick time using augurs attached to power drills.No ifs or buts -- the augur was so easy and efficient.If you have a rechargeable drill, get yourself an augur for planting out in tough soil or, in our case, through a mulch layer.I use a manual version of a short star post attached to a stake for all my planting needs at home.If you are an habitual mulcher, stabbing the earth is the way to go.[Note the spaced and gradated measure poles.]
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  • Yes Sophie, I agree.  Our petrol driven augur comes with narrow pole bore and 300mm bore and is held  by 2 men.  Our ground  is soft sandy type soil. It was used for restumping the house first, now we use it to dig holes for out 1/2 blue drum transplants, mainly our mango trees and larger growing trees that we would like to keep.

    That augur that Dave is talking about is also excellent and I know someone who has a bit bigger one and buries her house veggie scraps etc in her dug holes.  

  • Fab that's so great it worked for you. We looked into to for our block but we have too many big volcanic rocks in the clay so that could be quiet dangerous if using a power-auger - I've meet two people now and seen the wounds from broken wrists! Would work great on your sandy soil though

  • Not strenuous


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