From my legumes down to ma toes.

Yes, berry corny, but the best I could do at short notice.This is last Sunday's harvest. More toms today. Turned some into pizza sauce for tomorrow night. Beefsteak variety have been the best.
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  • Thanks Lissa.

    The world needs more dad humour :-)

  • Dad humour. Oh dear.

    Great crop. I am going to have to re-try the exclusion bags with toms again. I have some in the cupboard somewhere.

  • Good to see your success with the beefsteak type of tomatoes, Glenn. I had always mentally put them in the "too hard"basket.

  • Susan  - I use these (from ebay).


  • Thanks Elaine - yes I am enjoying them.

    Hello Susan, yes, all tomatoes are in fruit fly bags soon after pollination. I love the bags. Many times I have given up on tomatoes owing to grubs/larvae, but for the last few seasons I have used exclusion bags  - incredible difference. Do you grow tomatoes?

  • :)  Made me smile.  Do you net your large toms??

  • They all look very delicious, especially those nice full regular corn cobs.

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