Most of these were picked today, the celery and rest of tomatoes are in the hot pot making Lamb shanks, without the shanks, but with the Lamb.
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  • Great collection, the only thing producing at the moment in my yard are limes and lemons.

  • Top job son!

  • So much food envy right now :)  Well done

  • Doesn't feel hollow - still quite firm. I like the idea of the flavoured water. Will make a nice change from the Kombucha I drink all the time :)

  • I forgot so say, the hollows mean its starting to go a little too far, but still should be usable at first.

  • Does it have hollows? or just soft, either way, give it a go, and you can make 400 - 600ml of flavoured water from that one plum ....

    Davidson Plum Flavoured Water - A good thirst quencher


    • Halv or quarter the plum
    • Into 500ml (less water for a stronger flavour) squeeze the juice leaving the seeds in (there is a lot of juice around those seeds), remove the seeds when convenient.
    • For the instant drink, I go happy on the quarters, rubbing them down to the skin and releasing pulp and juice. 
    • Leave skin and all (bar seeds) in the water to infuse.
    • Add sugar to taste (I add 3 teaspoons for 500ml for 1 plum). This smoothes out the Malic Acid tartness.
    • Filter flavour water into your glass using a strainer.

    Note. If you just squeeze the plum, without rubbing the pulp out and drop the quarters in, add the sugar and leave overnight, the water will be less apricot and more burgundy in colour.

    Note. I have success using the juice from a sweet pineapple in place of sugar.

  • Yummy stunning. Looks like you have gone and raided the fruit shop.

    Yet to try cutting and biting into the "plum" you gave me! It's gone a little soft.

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