Free roosters!

Went to my local produce shop yesterday to stock up on quail food and he had 5 young roosters someone dropped off and wanted me to take them for free! Will butcher them this weekend with about 60 quail, the oriduce shop is buying 20 hens from me and that will help pay for the next batch that just went into lockdown in the incubator. #thegoodlife!
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    • Sounds awesome Andy. I have a few birds to sort out, not this weekend but the next one. Have a few that I am leaving to 8 weeks to compare sizes with my stock. So we could try canning them and I have 100plus in the freezer as samples!
  • It will be interesting to see which we prefer - vacuum sealed and then frozen to be cooked later, or pressure canned which means they are actually pre-cooked.  Might make an interesting g.v. for the brave few of us prepared to try it.  

  • Thanks Andy. Have just vacumn sealed all the quail. I ended up with a 140g average after a day in the fridge. So a 3 quail bag is 420g of mostly meat, plenty for a 2 person meal.7367211657?profile=RESIZE_710xPhoto in the middle of sealing

  • Looks good. Can't get fresher than that. 

  • Here is photo of butchered roosters. Small but should be tasty and tender.7364019890?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • The heads of the roosters can also be eaten but have never tried  but that may be what is in chicken stock you buy or dog food .

  • 7349362297?profile=RESIZE_710x7349369258?profile=RESIZE_710xThis is a 330g silver that is a lovely colour and pattern.

  • Oh I forgot to mention the 80 chicks that I put in the brooder today as well. Still hatching so hopefully by tommorrow morning I am close to 100. Set up power hanging from the ceiling and makes it much easier to access.7348656685?profile=RESIZE_710x7348665055?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Wow, they seem like a decent size for Quails.  I would need to get a better set up if I were to do this more often as it was quite messy re the feathers going everywhere in my yard.  The blood and guts stuff didn't bother me - like I said, I was a country kid and it was just part of growing up and to be honest, there wasn't that much blood and the guts are actually quite clean. 

  • Yeah Susan not really financially viable to raise chooks, but if some one does it for you it is. Cant believe people pay places to take them when all you need is a sharp knife,seems as though basic life skills are lost these days.

    I had a busy day, sold my 20 6 week old quail hens for 100 bucks to my local produce store. Then sorted and butchered 60 quail, took me about 4 hours. Have kept 15 large hens and will compare weights to my stock at 8 weeks when fully grown. Have some 360g monsters that may end up 420-430g - they will definately be kept. Also have three lovely silver birds, may keep these seperate to breed more of them. Didnt get round to the roosters, will do them tommorrow, had enough death for one day.

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