first broccoli of the season :)

Dinner :) This was a surprise of the best sort. Didn't realise it was there.
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  • Hmmm, a dedicated goat yard is needed. Too much chaos occurs with the shared yard, and these guys monopolise on chaos, 1 veggie patch they've been eyeing off for weeks was smashed in under a minute once they gained access.

  • I meant the goats :/

  • Yes, probably time to move on, about 2 weeks since event and very little recovery/progress.

  • Oh dear! Are they worth having around?

  • Looks great Lissa. My Broccoli tastes terrific ... according to the Goats.


  • And no caterpillars!

  • :)  And a good size too

  • My favourite vege for the garden. It can last such a long time, giving us tasty side shoots for ages. I Love to pick them and crunch them as I walk around. The shop bought ones, while cheap at the moment will be so full of sprays that they should be avoided at all costs.

  • Eaten :) and it was perfect.

  • Fabulous! The stems are tender and tasty - the best part ;-)

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