Female Rhinoceros Beetle

A new resident in my compost heap area - a female rhinoceros beetle. When you disturb these beetles they emit a startling hiss which is actually generated by the beetle rubbing its wings against its abdomen.
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  • Yes nature is definitely underrated for people who are not in the know Dianne.

    Don't be deceived Lissa my soil is only this good at my place at the bottom of the compost heap.

    Elaine - The hissing was how I identified the beetle Elaine. Without it I wouldn't have guessed it was a rhinoceros beetle as I thought both male and female have horns.

  • Isn't Mother Nature a lovely lady, she has given us some beautiful Garden Creatures

  • Part of the natural garden wildlife :) Lovely creatures.

    Your soil looks good Phil.

  • Do the girls do it too? I've seen a lot of dead males around here just now. They're the ones with the 'jaw' giving rise to their common name. Used to see lots of them before the fly screens kept them out.

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