eggplant fruit

Found these beauties hiding this morning.
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  • Message me your address Tracy and I'll send you some seed :)

  • Hi Lissa,

    I was wondering if you're going to save any seeds from that plant?  It looks the eggplant I used to grow, but forgot to save seeds from last year.  All other eggplants I've grown have paled in comparison, so if you are saving seeds, could you save me some too please? 

  • I try to keep the roots cool Jeff but it's a bit of an uphill battle. I've pulled a lot of plant material out of the beds recently and should have re mulched but just never got around to it. The soil is moist just below the surface.

  • With the  dry weather  when you water  it dries out so quickly and the ground feels hot  from the sun during the day.

  • Love the colour

  • Weird, huh? Eggplants are supposed to be a hot season fruit yet I've had them flourish during winter in a warm spot. The dryness might not be to their liking though.

  • Eggplants have done very poorly for me this hot season but seem to be coming into their own now with Autumn looming.

  • Superb!

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