Earthly Delights

What we have here are delights.Dried Tommy Toe TomatoesKombucha on Ice: love the stuff. I usually make a new batch every 10 days or so. On ice it is very refreshing. I make my kombucha with green tea.Filmjölk yogurt ( we make it here at home : 'tis a Swedish drinking yogurt & is much easier to make than the other kinds. Absolute the best thing on cereal and makes for an easy Lassi or Ayran.My special blend 1:1 -- Turmeric mix with Inulin powder. The Turmeric is mixed with pepper and is a well known anti-inflamatory and analgesic. Inulin is a PRE-biotic made from the roots of chicory or Jerusalem Artichokes, and is a very effective gut feed. Since Inulin is often used as a sweetener, a heaped teaspoon of this mix goes well in either Filmjölk or Kombucha. At best,TDS: 3 times/day.Since I use a high fat milk it's an OK mix but with Kombucha you need to eat some oil or fat soon after taking the mix so that the Turmeric is better metabolised.
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