Dwarf ducasse bananas

The first bunch of Dwarf Ducasse Bananas from the garden. It's a small bunch compared to the next lot coming along.Cut just today, they are now hanging around under the back pergola.It's the first time in 4 years that we've had fresh bananas from the yard.
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  • Thanks all, they ripened very rapidly. Next time, I'll try Andy's advice, courtesy of Mark B, and cut the bunch down when I feel it's a few weeks before the bunch gets a yellow-one-whilst on the tree.

    When very ripe, they would have to be the sweetest fruit I can recall. At that stage of ripeness, they make great smoothies along with the rest.

  • What a wonderful haul Rob, I'm sure they will be beautiful. Lucky you Susan being able to find some at the Expo.

  • Nice score Susan.... are they in yet?

  • I wish I had have gone down the dwarf route.  However, given the cost of my lady fingers (free!), I have learned to love their legginess.  My first bunch will be cut in the next few weeks. 

  • I knew I should have gone to the Expo - have wanted a dwf duccasse for quite a while

  • OK with Lady Fingers - you can stop the bats by using bunch covers. But of course you have to climb up to instal the covers. Once ripe enough, fell the stem and having someone to catch the bunch helps - the bunch comes to you rather than shinnying up a ladder (which I used to do before I learned this trick).

  • Guess what I just bought at the Ipswich Garden expo??  My lady fingers are too tall and after losing 1/2 the last two bunches to bats, I am ripping them out and going with the dwf duccasse.  Side note - they are being pulled out next weekend HINT HINT.

  • Fantastic, so envious

  • Great harvest Rob, the littlies usually love those bananas.  

    We made a silly mistake a few years ago, we ordered them from up north, and one plant became about 6 plants in no time with no bananas. Yep we had no bananas.   We soon chopped them out and found out later what to do about that problem. That was before the BLF days. 

    What a worry it is to get a bunch where you have to have a big prop. I am envious!

  • Woo hoo - look forward to munching on some Ducasse!

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