I am not, inasmuch as I know my adoring public, a renowned fruit eater.Some in my acquaintance seem to live in a constant state of fruitopia.Fortunately for them, it is still a legal activity.Who am I to judge such fruit eaters the seeming delights of the quest for oral Karma picked from a bough. Maybe they will return later on as fruit flies?But for me I'm more a texture man.Thus when fiddling around with the potential of my food dehydrator and the happenstance of a bumper harvest of Dragon Fruit -- I was surprised that I too could indulge in fruits, albeit parched ones.Dried strawberries and pawpaws are my current snack thrill. Bananas are a tad too sweet for my taste.My fav fruits dry up so well that I never need worry about a surplus. Shrunk down to shadows of their former selves, shrivelling never tasted so good.I bully the fruits to preserve them.Tomatoes too, of course. Technically, 'a fruit'.Dried fruits have a great aftertaste. Longer lasting than chewing gum.I have resolved the perennial conundrum:While forbidden fruit is said to taste sweeter, it usually spoils faster.I have, instead, learnt to spoil myself.
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