Getting our two feeds of quail each week now.These are deep fried with salad of red lettuce,carrots,toms,pickled cucs and nasturum.Cant remember our last vegetable purchase!
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  • I go skin off for speed as well.  If the interested folks cope okay, we should demo both versions for them.  I'm happy to help out.  

  • My latest 90 growouts put out a 10L bucket of poop in 5 days, incredible.7137282496?profile=RESIZE_710xThis is one if the trays

  • I have no trouble sleeping, just a lifetime of early rising means no sleeping in ever. 

    I skin the quail otherwise it would take too long. I can do a bird in about 3 minutes from getting it out to cleaned in an esky, so 60 birds still takes 3 hours. Plucking almost doubles the time and I have tried both ways fried, not a big difference in flavour. They would be better roasted with skin on I would imagine.

  • Sleeping is a skill that tends to evade me Doug.  Oh, are you a skin on or skin off processor?

  • Geez Andy, thought I was an early riser getting up at 4:30!

  • Fantastic!  (in oh so many ways mate)

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